About Cindy Wilson

Cindy Wilson is often called upon by the media for her expertise regarding real estate in the East Bay.

About Cindy

I have lived in the East Bay all my life. I was born in Berkeley, raised in El Cerrito and moved to Pinole in 1973. I graduated Pinole Valley High School in 1977. I have bought homes and lived in Richmond View (6 years), El Sobrante (10 years) and back to Pinole for the last 15 years. I specialize in helping Buyers and Sellers from Oakland to Rodeo with special emphasis on my home towns!

I obtained my real estate license in 1999 and I have an additional 19 years in the field as an escrow coordinator and real estate office manager. I am particularly skilled at educating clients.

My Approach

I approach every transaction as though I were the client. I understand that whether you are buying or selling your home, it is an emotional and potentially stressful situation.

My Dedication to You

I focus on being easily available to my clients, answering their questions, listening to their concerns and guiding them through the sale or purchase with a minimum of anxiety.

My Expertise for First-Time Buyers

Before they close escrow, my buyers have a complete understanding of value, cost and condition of the property as it sits and what it needs. I help my clients prioritize and budget and I offer an extensive referral guide for repairs.

My Expertise for Sellers

For sellers, understanding current values and market trends are the keys to a successful home sale.

I Take the Extra Time

I take the extra time to understand houses from the inside out – something many realtors never do. I asses property condition, evaluate price, review and explain available reports and help clients notice aspects of a property they might otherwise miss.

My Focus Is on the East Bay and Contra Costa

I service Pinole, Hercules, Oakland, Berkeley, Kensington, Albany, El Cerrito, Richmond, San Pablo, El Sobrante, Rodeo, Pleasant Hill and Martinez.

Currently working with Feagley Realtors, my areas of expertise now include Point Richmond and Marina Bay.

Here’s a partial list of the homes I’ve sold:

5311 Debra Lane, El Sobrante
112 Iris Ct., Hercules
1722 Virginia, Berkeley
104 Poshard, Pleasant Hill
604 Cragmont, Berkeley
1998 Galbreth, Pinole
2459 Pleasant Hill Rd, Pleasant Hill
5759 Ravine Way, Richmond
4109 Fontaine Ct, Oakland
2379 Brooks, Richmond
5697 Cabot Drive, Oakland
2359 Shawn Drive, San Pablo
3118 California, Street Berkeley
5615 Rosalind, El Cerrito
411 Elsie, San Leandro
4273 Santa Rita, El Sobrante
2225 Blake, Berkeley
1065 Spruce Street, Berkeley
508 Balra Drive, El Cerrito
5581 Lawton Avenue, Rockridge
1020 Curtis Street, Albany
2379 Brooks, Richmond
604 Colusa, El Cerrito
3963 Forest Hill, Oakland
Santa Clara, Richmond
739 Gelston, El Cerrito
1989 Shea Drive, Pinole
3747 Park Blvd., Oakland
5950 Arlington Blvd., Richmond
1519 Santa Clara, Richmond
681 58th Street, Oakland
3145 Texas Street, Oakland
5626 Jordan Avenue, El Cerrito
892 Sunnyhills, Oakland
2311 Shawn Dr., Tara Hills
1134 Keith, Berkeley
5133 Miles, Oakland
1510 142nd Ave, San Leandro
862 Balra, El Cerrito
92 Straford, Kensington
5581 Lawton, Oakland
2621 San Mateo, Richmond
16541 Las Casas Pl, Pacific Palisades
2970 Estates, Pinole
1402 Forest Run, Hercules
753 Santa Barbara, Oakland
508 Balra, El Cerrito
5445 Panama, Richmond
3117 Keith, Richmond
1036 Camelia, Berkeley
2653 Francis Dr, Pinole
330 N. Civic, Walnut Creek
837 Juanita, El Sobrante
2 Panoramic Way, Berkeley
445 62nd St, Oakland
2650 Mira Vista, Richmond
1033 Trestle Glen, Oakland
2636 Doidge, Pinole
897 Sunnyhills, Oakland
1094 Seascape, Rodeo
2650 Simas, Pinole
922 Modoc, Berkeley
2311 Alva, El Cerrito
5540 Sobrante – El Sobrante
378 Woodside, Vacaville
2638 Clinton, Richmond
2117 Stuart, Berkeley
2636 Doidge, Pinole
4868 El Grande, El Sobrante

454 Panoramic, Berkeley
304 Lindsey, Martinez
2593 Hilgard, Berkeley
474 59th, Oakland
2362 Galway, Tara Hills
2225 Blake, Berkeley
586 Dutch Elm, Hercules
4182 S. Pablo Dam, El Sobrante
922 Modoc, Berkeley
112 Kensington, Hercules
2661 Tamalpais, Pinole
2559 Dora Ct, Pinole
39 Kenyon, Kensington
2661 Tamalpais, Pinole
2970 Estates, Pinole
2523 Moraga, Pinole
1215 Queens, Berkeley
119 Kenyon, Kensington
3439 Morningside, El Sobrante
1814 Blake, Berkeley
1322 58th, Richmond
365 Perkins, Oakland
609 Carlotta, Pinole
5442 Hillside, El Cerrito
6110 Fresno, Richmond
2519 Brandt, Pinole
560 Colusa, El Cerrito
154 Skelly, Hercules
1064 View Dr., Richmond
2776 Ramona, Pinole
2575 Samuel, Pinole
555 Pierce, Albany
1065 Spruce, Berkeley
1256 Bates, Oakland
3820 Clinton, Richmond
3433 Stewarton, El Sobrante
105 Creekside, El Sobrante
2116 Whipporwill, Pinole
2871 Buckskin, Pinole
1619 Fairview, Berkeley
2597 O’Harte, San Pablo
3606 Nevil ,Oakland
633 36th, Richmond
973 View Dr, Richmond
3278 Ramona, Pinole
2768 Wright, Pinole
2997 Dwight Way, Berkeley
22721 Wright, Pinole
1619 Fairview, Berkeley
345 Suisun, Rodeo
6225 Fresno, Richmond
679-683 45th, Oakland
1501 Darlene Dr, Concord
1570 Mann Dr, Pinole
1814 Blake #3, Berkeley
2533 Samuel, Pinole
1642 Stannage, Berkeley
2117 Braemar, Oakland
930 King, El Cerrito
1284 Nob Hill – Pinole
1851 Tulare, Richmond
3925 Concord Blvd, Concord
6129 Fresno, Richmond Annex
1539 Nob Hill, Pinole
435 Golden Gate, Pt. Richmond
1622 Shasta, Richmond Annex
2624 Simas, Pinole
1300 Quarry #301, Pt. Richmond
1228 Burnett, Berkeley



(510) 685-5412

Cindy Wilson
2284 San Pablo Ave #1
Pinole, CA 94564

(510) 685-5412

Realtor BRE# 01271618